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  • Christmas board game!
    This game was created and made by Lennon Welsh 7S and William Rogers 9U in ATLAS on Friday 6th December.
  • 7R1 – Christmas Cards
    Photographs of the xmas cards which 7R1 have made this week. This is moving on from basic skills like threading a needle, tying a knot, sewing on buttons and some simple hand embroidery. The cards brought all skills together.
  • Naomi’s Bakewell Tart
    Naomi Blair’s Bakewell Tart which she has made as part of her NEA2. I look forward to watching these technical skills develop further (Mrs Goodwin).
  • Year 9 Students – Social Media
    Year 9 students giving feedback on social media use.
  • Business Club
    The business club has been amazing making these products!!!! They will be for sale Tuesday 3rd December and Thursday 5th December.

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