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  • Year 7 calculating speed using ramps
    These students in Year 7 were using ramps to collect data to calculate speed. Fifteen minutes of accurate timing, measuring and teamwork!
  • Year 11 students arriving at Teesside University
    Year 11 students arriving at Teesside University for a visit to the Health and Social department.
  • Shall it be Tortellini or Ravioli?
    Some of today’s food outcomes: (the first Year 9 practical of the week, 3 more to come!)
  • Year 10 running dictation
    Year 10 working on their speaking and listening skills by completing a running dictation and using the recall task completed earlier in the lesson.
  • YR debate about crime and punishment
    Y9 students engaging in a debate about crime and punishment. A very mature approach to an emotive subject, despite the fact they could only speak when they had the giant inflatable microphone…

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