Statement about the 16-19 Tuition Fund

The 16-19 Tuition Fund 2021-2022 Academic Year

The funding is being used to provide additional tuition to support students, including disadvantaged students, whose learning has been disrupted. Funding for 2021/2022 for 16-19 tuition will be allocated and prioritised as follows:

  • Y12 and Y13 students who have not received a Grade 4 in GCSE Maths will receive weekly online one to one tuition delivered by a third party provider
  • Attendance will be monitored weekly and the number of hours tuition delivered will be recorded
  • All students attending the online one to one tuition will be recorded in the individualised learner record and the school census
  • Evidence of the individual students who receive the tuition, the needs of the students, provision provided and the additional cost will be retained