Tackling Racism and promoting British values

There are many reasons to challenge racism and promote race equality in school; but mainly we are trying to educate and equip learners so that they can actively take part and excel in a local community that celebrate its rich diversity. Race equality is an issue for all schools and all pupils.

If racism is left unchallenged learners will develop a deep-seated intolerance and will be unable to value diversity. The Single Equality Act imposes a legal obligation on schools to engage with these issues and an institution which is promoting race equality and tackling racism provides a safe and supportive educational experience for pupils from black, Asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds and groups (Gaine, 2005). Racism needs to be confronted in schools because it is during these formative years that young people are developing their value systems and that racism can be most easily challenged and prevented. At Burnside we work hard in lessons and lesson zero to explore the differences between us and educate each other about different cultures.

Also to enable you to work with your child the following resources are most useful: