Burnside supports cycling to school

Cycling is always a popular option when children are asked how they like to travel to and from school. Nationally, less than 1% of young people cycle to school.  At Burnside we recognise this is an excellent way to add exercise into the daily routine.  It is also an eco-friendly way of travelling.

We would like to encourage more of our young people to cycle to school. We also want to ensure that students are safe travelling to and from school.  This includes students looking after their bikes in a good, roadworthy condition and observing cycle safety. We also strongly advise that students wear a helmet at all times when cycling to and from school.

We want to ensure that all students, including those that don’t cycle to school, are safe at all times whilst on site.  Therefore on arrival to school, students must dismount and walk their bicycles to the bike sheds. Bicycles are the personal belongings of students. Bicycles must be securely stored within the bike sheds.

Students who wish to bring their bicycles to school and use the bike sheds must return the completed cycle to school contract to their Progress Leader. Once this is returned they will receive a cycle to school pass.

Students issued with a pass must follow the laws of the road and ride safely and sensibly when travelling to and from school.  Students will be expected to dismount and walk their bikes whilst on school premises.  Failure to do this will result in the cycle to school pass being withdrawn.

 *This policy also applies to scooters

Cycle to School Contract