We want Burnside to be a positive learning environment where students can develop their skills as active citizens. However, we are aware of the impact that social and emotional issues can have on learning. Therefore we are always trying to promote, through all aspects of school life, respect and tolerance of our individual differences. We should all be equally valued and this value is promoted through the curriculum we provide but also in our extra-curricular activities and our community projects.

We therefore are very pro-active in trying to ensure that we tackle any issues in a timely fashion and put strategies in place to try and get learning back on course. We spend Lesson Zero exploring key issues as part of our Guidance curriculum, we also have daily assemblies and thought for the day. It is important that we educate young people in order to promote welfare but at times we need to offer extra support.

We also wish to manage any student welfare incidents rapidly to reduce potential effects upon learning but please do contact your child’s Progress Leader straight away if you have any concerns.

Wellbeing Strategy 2023 – 2024