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Burnside College, St Peters Road, Wallsend, Tyne & Wear, NE28 7LQ
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    Please use the following guide to help you contact the right person at Burnside. For all telephone enquiries, please call 0191 259 8500.

    Nature of Enquiry Who to Contact
    Any queries or concerns regarding your child’s welfare or progression in school Progress Leader for relevant Year Group
    Any queries or concerns regarding your child’s work or progression in a subject Subject Teacher
    Any queries or concerns regarding the safeguarding of a student Ms M Tatum – Student Support Manager
    Any queries about our school IT systems e.g. Class Charts Email: ict-support@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Any queries relating to a Sixth Form student Miss K Giles – Head of Sixth Form


    Key Pastoral Staff Role Email
    Ms F Greenwell Progress Leader for Year 7 f.greenwell@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Mr J Morgan Progress Leader for Year 8 j.morgan@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Ms H Collins Progress Leader for Year 9 h.collins@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Ms H Gray Progress Leader for Year 10 h.gray@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Mr C Mackay Progress Leader for Year 11 c.mackay@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Miss K Giles Head of Sixth Form k.giles@burnsidecollege.org.uk


    Curriculum Leaders Department Email
    Ms E Davis English e.davis@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Ms M King Maths m.king@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Ms E O’Neill Music e.oneill@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Ms C Cunningham Drama c.cunningham@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Ms A Peel PE a.peel@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Ms N McCoy Science n.mccoy@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Ms T Goodwin Technology t.goodwin@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Ms N Blain Art n.blain@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Mr M Phillips Business & Computing m.phillips@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Ms A Thomson Vocational Studies a.thomson@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Mr N Heron Humanities n.heron@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Mr M Brown Modern Foreign Languages m.brown@burnsidecollege.org.uk


    Attendance Officers For Year Groups: Email
    Ms D Liddle 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 d.liddle@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Miss K Giles Sixth Form k.giles@burnsidecollege.org.uk


    Other Contacts Role Email
    Ms M Tatum Student Support Manager m.tatum@burnsidecollege.org.uk
    Ms L Hall AEN Co-ordinator l.hall@burnsidecollege.org.uk

    Complaints Policy

    At Burnside, we take complaints seriously and will strive to resolve your concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, if you feel like your concerns have not been addressed and you would like to escalate the matter to a formal complaint, please consult our Complaints Policy on how to proceed.


    Paper Copies

    If you require paper copies of any of our school information, please get in touch and we will be happy to provide them free of charge.