Admission Arrangements

How applications are considered

Burnside College is an inclusive school and does not operate any criteria for selection.
Burnside College has the capacity to admit 260 students in to a year group, this combined with the recent low birth rate in North Tyneside means it is very unlikely to be oversubscribed in the next 3 years.

How parents can apply

Admission arrangements to Burnside College are co-ordinated by North Tyneside Local Authority.

North Tyneside Local Authority issue a standard form known as the Common Application Form for admitting pupils into the first year of Middle or High School education, and for ‘In year’ applications to all schools in the Local Authority area. The Common Application Form is available on request from the Local Authority.

North Tyneside Local Authority publishes detail annually of the admissions process, including a timeline outlining the key dates. This is available in the policies section of our web site.