School Uniform

  • Plain black trousers, any material other than denim (tracksuit bottoms/denim/chinos are not suitable).  Tailored school trousers – no stretchy material.  Tight, black leggings/treggings/denim pants are not suitable school uniform


  • Plain black knee length skirt any material other than denim


  • Black, white or grey socks (or black tights)
  • A Burnside sweatshirt (sweatshirts may be removed in lessons with permission of the teacher and in warm weather)  Sweatshirts from September 2017 must have the current school logo.
  • White Burnside polo shirt (white collar must be visible over sweatshirt)
  • Plain black footwear with no colours or markings (boots may be worn in extreme weather)
  • A bag to carry books, PE kit and work
  • No hoods or hats to be worn on the school premises.

If students arrive in school with no sweatshirt or incorrect footwear then they will be loaned these items for the day.  Repeated failure to arrive in the correct uniform could however lead to further sanctions (please see the full behaviour policy).

We are currently reviewing the school’s policy around school bags.  We would at this point advise parents to purchase a plain black back-pack or other such bag that is plain in colour and suitable for school use.  Designer or fashion bags are not encouraged.

Hair and Jewellery:

Earrings – a single pair of studs.

    • No other piercings are allowed including expanders.  It is advised that new piercings should not be made during the academic year.
  • Make-up – minimal make-up may be worn – excessive make-up may be asked to be removed
  • Hair styles – no extremes of hair styles or colouring – Parents should discuss this with the relevant Progress Leader/Head of Year before they agree to any extremes of tinting or styling.  The student council defined extreme as “anything that distracts people from learning”.

PE Kit

Black Burnside Polo Shirt

  • Black shorts (Years 7,8 & 9)
  • Black Tracksuit Bottoms (Years 10 & 11)
  • Trainers – appropriate for sport
  • Hair bobble (if required)
  • Football boots are advisable for outdoor lessons on the field
  • Students can wear an additional plain black sweatshirt/tracksuit top for outdoor lessons (not school sweatshirt)

Please note no jewellery or piercings are allowed for PE lessons.  Plasters are not permitted to be worn over earnings. Please do not get piercings during the academic year.

At Burnside we value participation in PE and ensuring that all young people are ‘fit for life’, therefore there will be kit available for students to borrow should they arrive with incorrect uniform.

Buying School Uniform

School sweatshirts and polo shirts can be purchased from our suppliers, Emblematic, who are located on the Industrial Estate, opposite the ASDA Benton Hypermarket or online at

Please note that some stores/supermarkets do sell school uniform in some sections of their shops but some of these items do not meet the uniform policy. For example, some stores sell female student trousers in the school uniform section which are stretchy, tight, black leggings equipped with zips.  These are not accepted within Burnside.