At Burnside we believe in celebrating success to promote effort and achievements. This can be within subject areas where you might have developed a new skill or made good progress but we also reward positive learning behaviours (dispositions). Staff award merits where they feel it is appropriate to reward students and these are collected over a term. At the end of the term merit points can be cashed in for a reward. There is a huge list of possible rewards and some students want to work really hard to ensure they get the reward they want.

Also, students will be rewarded with certificates so that they have a personal record of all of their achievements at Burnside. These are then kept and celebrated at a record of achievement event in year 11. Certificates and prizes are awarded in the following areas:

  • Merits point awards
  • By subject areas to celebrate excellent effort, progress and achievement
  • Attendance
  • Sports participation
  • Extra-curricular activities