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Burnside a History

Our reporters spoke to staff on how Burnside has changed over the years.

Burnside BBC School Report

After working hard over the course of today, our reporters, editors, producers, directors and camera operators have finally completed the BBC School Report.

Fantastic Mr Burnside Fox

When you think of foxes, you might think of woodland, rolling fields and winding countryside roads. However, Burnside, an inner city urban school has this year had a very fantastic visitor of its own.  In the early hours of the autumn term in 2016 school day a small peculiar guest stumbled into the grounds of […]

Presenters Present!

After initial discussions Abbie and Daniel volunteered to be our presenters and have started rehearsing for the big event . Nervous anyone?

Food (Banks) for Thought

With the recent rise in poverty around the UK it has been proven that the North East is one of the most affected places. A recent study carried out by Bernardos shows that 1 in every 3 children in the North East are living below the poverty line, and 1 in 5 of the whole […]

May The Best Mayor Win

North Tyneside elect a ‘Young Mayor’ every year and this year Burnside were lucky enough to have two candidates in the running:  Bailey Askwith and Harris Auchterlonie  in Year 9 Unfortunately neither actually won the election but Bailey Askwith was successful in becoming deputy Young Mayor. The young mayor can benefit the future of many students […]

BBC School Report

It’s finally here, the day all of the BBC School News Report.  Our reporters are ready and activity has already started in the News hub!!    We will keep you updated as the day continues. After a busy morning, our first article is live!

BBC School Report Update

Look North have used a story filmed by our Year 8 news team on ‘The Dab Craze’ and how it has been used in Burnside to aid learning. The Y8 News Team filmed the report was part of their ongoing work with the BBC News Report. Look North saw their efforts on the school website […]

Second Helpings

Dinner times can usually be full of hustle and bustle, however Mr Jamieson thinks he has a solution to the problem; Split Lunches. How will this work? The Year 8 reporting team investigates.

There is Hope

This is our BBC School News Report on Cyber-bullying.  We have investigated what Cyber-bullying is and interviewed various members of staff at Burnside.