• All subjects will set work on the same day every week and students have 7 days to complete it:


Day to set and submit work  Year 7, 8 and 9 Year 10 Year 12
Monday Science and Art Science All work will be set on a Monday and due the following Sunday (with some longer deadlines for coursework)
Tuesday Business and Computing and MFL Options subjects
Wednesday English and Technology English
Thursday Humanities and Music Options subjects
Friday Maths and Drama Maths

  • All work will be set on Google Classrooms and this will also automatically send the work to the students’ Burnside email account
  • Students may choose do the work on the day it is set but they are still free to plan their own week however they wish, including trying to stick to their normal timetable
  • Students will receive a “Home learning completed” merit for every piece of work they attempt and staff will also award “Love of home learning” merits for particularly impressive pieces of work. We intend to use both of these merits to reward students when working from home
  • Students who have questions about their work should contact their classroom teacher
    If parents/carers have any concerns they should email homelearning@burnsidecollege.org.uk with general questions, including how to access the material, Curriculum Leaders with questions about the content of the work and their child’s progress leader with questions about welfare and well-being

Other FAQs

As a parent I can’t always access the Burnside lesson slides, why is this? Most lessons on Google slides are set so that anyone within Burnside has instant access but email addresses from outside the organisation require permission. Staff will be more than happy to share the slides with parents too but the quickest way to access them is if the student logs on themselves as then they will have instant, automatic access to the work. On occasion, students can’t access the slides and this is normally because they are actually trying to log on under their parents’ Gmail account; this is easily resolved by making sure they are logged in as themselves.

Should my child be trying to follow their normal timetable or do the work on the day they get it? The timetable above is designed to ensure that students receive roughly the same amount of work each day, they know when and how it will be sent, and are clear about the deadlines. However, it is their choice whether they complete it on the days that it is set or spread it out over the week in smaller chunks so that they continue to study 5 subjects each day like they would normally. The best timetable is the one that fits in with the needs of your family.

Should I be helping my child with the work? Although we would always welcome any parents working with their child, there is absolutely no expectation that you do. All work has been set in such a way that students can do it independently. We are aware that many parents are key workers and are at work during the day, others are being asked to work from home and many others have younger children to care for during the day.

My child isn’t sure if they are in a Google classroom or not; how do they find out? Students automatically received email invitations to their Google classrooms in September and many teachers have re-invited them since then. However, the best person for them to contact if they think they need to be invited again is their classroom teacher.

I have a child in Year 10; what exam boards do you use so I can support them with additional work? Please find here all exam boards in use for the current Year 10s.

We don’t have internet access at home; what other support is available? If you or your child hasn’t already made contact with their progress leader about this, then please do so as soon as possible. Depending on what year group your child is in we can provide laptops, paper-based work or a combination of both as appropriate.