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Burnside Y7 & 8 Cross Country Championship

Last night 37 students from Y7 and 8 took part in Burnside Inter Form Cross Country Championship. All student demonstrated a positive attitude throughout and there were some exceptional times and performances. This will hopefully be replicated at the up and coming North Tyneside Cross Country Championships.

Peter McGillan and Andy Evans led the race from start to finish and couldn’t be separated in a sprint finish, so were awarded joint first place. Millie Fenton was the first girl and also came third overall. 7I and 8R won the Year 7 and Year 8 form competitions respectively. Well done to all student and staff involved.

If you would like to get more involved this sport or running in general ,please speak to Mr Lloyd or Mr Gilbert about Cross Country Club.

Top 20 positions
=1st Andy Evans 13:40
=1st Peter McGillan 13:40
3rd Millie Fenton 15:22
4th Elliot Pilling 15:49
5th Millie Trenholm 16:27
6th Keiran Mennie 16:31
7th Alex Baxter 16:37
8th Cobi Lewis 16:38
9th Leo Bradley 17:15
10th Damon Dunn 17:28
11th Joshua Craig 18:07
12th Cole Middler 18:10
13th Jordan Patterson 18:19
14th Corey Hodgson 18:20
15th Callum Jamieson 18:21
16th Jack Clark 18:21
17th Leah Donaldson 18:49
18th Scott Barker 18:53
19th Toni McGillan 18:57
20th Sonny Ho 19:16
21st Lennon Evans 19:18

Year 7 Form Competition
1st 7I 105 points
2nd 7C 100 points
3rd 7U 67 points
4th 7E 65 points
5th 7N 22 points
6th 7B 10 points

Year 8 Form Competition
1st 8R 79 points
2nd 8I 64 points
3rd 8B 59 points
4th 8S 41 points
5th 8D 19 points
6th 8U 15 points