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U13 Boys Rugby versus St Marys Catholic School

Last night Burnside U13 boys played St Mary’s School at Wallsend RFC. Due to injuries, unavailability and other sporting commitments Year 8 was unable to field several of its more experienced players. However Captain Jay Jabari and fellow Wallsend RFC player Daniel Johnson were able to recruit several new players from Year 8 this week. Debuts were handed to Damon Dunn, Cole Middler, Jake Greener, Pat Buasari, Jack Woods, Glenn NCube and Alex Ryan Kerr.

In the opening half Burnside were beaten 5 tries to 1 by a more experienced and heavier St Mary’s team. St Mary’s played some really good rugby, driving Burnside off the ball and showing some good handing skills to move the ball into wider areas. Burnside showed great resilience and continued to defend hard throughout.

In the second half the floodlights were turned on and this seemed to inspire Burnside’s play. Although St Mary’s scored a further 3 tries Burnside scored 2 more themselves, Jay Jabari scoring both.

Final Score: Burnside 3-8 St Mary’s

At the end of the game both teams came together to chat to Wallsend RFC coaches with several Burnside players intending to train with the club next week.

1. Jay Jabari
2. Kieron Liddle
3. Alfie Freeth
4. Cobi Lewis
5. Damon Dunn
6. Cole Middler
7. Jake Greener
8. Daniel Johnson
9. Pat Buasari
10. Jack Woods
11. Lewis Collins
12. Glenn NCube
13. Alex Ryan Kerr