Breakfast is undoubtedly an important meal as it refuels the body allowing us to deal with the activities of the day ahead.  In recognition of this at Burnside we provide a free breakfast which all students can access in the dining hall between 8.15am and 8.35am every day.  Here students can enjoy a choice of cereals, bagels and juice.  Alternatively students can pick up a healthy bagel as they come on site each morning from pavilions 1 and 3. 

Both provisions have been made available through the generous support of Magic Breakfast and Family Action who are committed to ensuring young people do not go hungry at the start of the day. 

If you require any further information on our breakfast provision please contact Mrs Paylor Wright.


The following link will take you to ingredient and allergen information for cereals and bagels we offer as part of our breakfast provision.

NSBP Ingredients and Allergen Information Feb 2019