Year group Work that will be set on google classroom until Easter holidays  Work that will be set on google classroom for Summer Term Part 1
10 Revision google slides have been shared with students so they can revise fundamental science topics. There are 15 different science topics across biology, chemistry, physics.

  • Students should make a copy of each slide and then watch the  video clips to make some summary notes and then complete the past exam questions. 
  • Students should share the completed exam questions with their science teacher(s)

Seneca and Quizizz learning platforms have also been set up for all students to complete online assignments.  

Lesson slides will be shared for the following units

  • Infectious disease (AQA GCSE Combined Science and Biology)
  • Chemical Changes (AQA GCSE Combined Science and Chemistry)
  • Forces in Motion (AQA GCSE Combined Science and Physics)

Staff will prepare lesson slides in a similar format to those provided before the Easter holidays and if possible they will share textbook pages electronically to support students. 

Work for approximately 4 lessons per week will be set on a Monday at 12pm

We appreciate that students might struggle with learning from home so we encourage students to share their work via email or google classroom in an electronic format e.g google docs or google slides so that we can assess how students are coping with the content we have set. 

We will do our very best to provide students with meaningful feedback on student work and address any common misconceptions students have. 

We also encourage students to ask their teachers questions via email or google classroom if they are unsure of anything, again we will do our very best to get back to students as soon as possible.

As well as the resources we have supplied the students with there are a number of other useful websites students can access to gain further support in their learning – these are listed below. – Free Science Lessons – these video clips are tailored specifically to the GCSE specifications we use. Just seek out the key stage and exam board (AQA for yr 9 and 10) – useful video links for AQA GCSE Combined and Separate sciences – if students have bought revision guides at key stage 3 and 4 – an excellent resource to support revision and checking of key content – assignments will be set by teachers but also students can complete their own tasks independently to further their learning.