English Language:

OCR Top Tips Blog – top exam tips direct from the exam board! 

Revision Document – Language Change revision booklet. 

https://getrevising.co.uk/  – sign up (free!) and search for units relevant to the course and exam board. Loads of resources here. 

Revision textbook for course. 

https://debuk.wordpress.com – link to linguist Deborah Cameron’s blog – great for up to date Language and Gender thoughts

http://www.davidcrystal.com – The official website of the great DC himself. 

Lexicon Valley – is a great podcast done by the American linguist Jon McWhorter. Well worth investigating – search in particular for relevant topics such as gender, technology, change, power and acquisition.

‘Fry’s English Delight’ – you know what I think about Stephen Fry’s Radio 4 language programme – see if you can get listening to some too! Try looking out for his TV series ‘Planet Word’ – top notch stuff.

Exam style questions will be emailed to students directly.