Here are 20 different resources and links for you to continue your English studies. Every Wednesday, your class teacher will direct you towards a particular resource (or page of a booklet) they would like you to focus on. They will tell you this through Google Classroom.

However, if you would like to do an extra resource too, the table attached has lots for you to choose from.

Who is it for? What is it? Link to resource.
All KS3 pupils

SPaG revision

A 47 page booklet full of SPAG and literacy tasks. SPaG and literacy revision booklet


Extended writing Project for Year 7 4 writing tasks that you will need to use your imagination and creative writing skills for. This includes: narrative stories, magazine articles and letters. Home Learning Project 1 Year 7


Extended writing Project for Year 8 4 writing tasks that you will need to use your imagination and creative writing skills for.- novel openings, letters and speeches Home Learning project 1 Year 8


Extended writing Project for Year 9 4 writing tasks that you will need to use your imagination and creative writing skills for- Formal newspaper articles, speeches to large groups and GCSE style narratives and descriptions based on picture stimulus. Home learning Project 1. Year 9


ALL KS3 classes.

Pick and Mix novel tasks

20 different tasks based on novels and short stories you have done this year at Burnside or novels you have chosen to read now.This includes reading analysis tasks based on extracts from The Hunger Games and Of Mice and Men. KS3 20 task grid


ALL KS3 Classes.

Learn a poem by heat

A fun and challenging task- can you learn a poem by heart using the methods on the resource? These memory skills will be great for KS4 when you have to study 15 poems at GCSE. Poems we have/ were planning to study this year are:

Y7- Wilfred Owen- Dulce Et Decorum Est

Y8- Catrin and Digging

Y9- Havisham, Medusa, Miss Gee

Learn a poem by heart.doc


Cut up poetry Fun activity using newspapers and magazines from around the house. Cut up words and phrases to make your own poem. Be creative- have fun! Cut up poetry PowerPoint


ALL KS3 Classes A  27 page anthology packed with poems about nature. You could use this for the task above or try writing your own poetry based on nature.Can you write in the 9 different forms of poetry? 

Try these links for more poetry based ideas

Nature poems anthology.doc




ALL KS3 Classes.

Fantasy genre booklet

A 13 page booklet packed with 8 lessons worth of tasks all about the Fantasy Fiction genre. Wands at the ready! KS3 Fantasy Fiction Pack.doc 


Year 7- Interesting Lives and Disaster topics A 26 page booklet that looks at a range of extracts from Roald Dahl to P.T. Barnum and the documentary Black Fish. Comprehension based tasks and activities based on reading extracts Year 7 Library Lessons Spring term


Year 8-  Clash of Cultures- non fiction topics A range of different non-fiction writing from slavery to refugees across the world. 21 page booklet with accompanying tasks for each extract Library lesson booklet Y8


All KS3 Speeches A range of 8 lessons for pupils to plan, write and edit their own speeches Speeches 8 lessons


All KS3 Pupils.

Recording Social History Letter

Based on a letter from F.Scott Fitzgerald from the 1918-1920 Spanish Flu Epidemic, pupils write a letter based on their own lockdown experiences Recording social History letter


All KS3 pupils

Nando Novel tasks

12 different tasks based on any novel.Tasks range in difficulty according to the Nando spice menu! Nando tasks for a novel PowerPoint


Year 9 

Literary Snapshots

20 different excerpts from classic novels such as Anita and Me, To Kill a Mockingbird and Paddy Clark Ha ha ha Comprehension questions follow each novel excerpt.  Literary Snapshots


All KS3 pupils Easter Reading resource A range of extended extracts from novels and non-fiction  with activities, thinking questions and further research suggestions. Easter Reading resources


All KS3 pupils Pobble 365 Every day a new image will appear with writing tasks based on the image. Great fro creative writing at all stages http://www.pobble365.com/
Reading from home

Audible and Read On

If you don’t have any books at home this site offers a 30 day free trial. That will accompany the tasks on the other link. https://www.audible.co.uk/


English and Media Centre KS3 Resource Booklet. This booklet has 145 pages of poetry, short stories, non fiction and creative writing. Enjoy!  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IvGamRgSsyb2HE2tdKCmcQ_mnxx5rche/view?usp=sharing


Boredom Buster Wonderfully Wizarding activities to keep you occupied whenever you need a magical escape https://www.wizardingworld.com/collections/harry-potter-at-home