Within Burnside all students are also encouraged to use twitter to access the most recent science updates and this promotes online debate and extra-curricular support.

In addition to the above the Science department are also keen to participate in the wider life of the school. Some team members take responsibility for coaching football for the school team and also participate in a range of sports competitively. Others participates in the Christmas pantomime and the staff choir. They also act as representatives on a number of whole school initiatives and five members of the team are currently involved in active educational research, which helps inform school initiatives and departmental initiatives.

The department also utilises the wide reaching power of social media in order to provide a further platform for students to interact with the wider world of science. The department has a frequently visited Twitter account which currently has in excess of 220 followers. Students regularly interact with the page and a member of staff are often on hand to provide assistance to queries. The page also provides an access to the world of science, allowing students to see who to “follow” for science updates. This has led to students interacting with BBC Science presenters in order to explore the Environment.

Students often pose questions relating to homework and coursework, whilst also posting web based research links and utilising the page as a forum for academic discussion.