The staff within the Physical Education department are a dedicated, experienced and supportive team with a range of sports specialisms. The department has a key aim of encouraging all students to develop a lifelong interest in sport and regular physical activity and this is reflected in the approach adopted by staff within core PE lessons and extra-curricular activities. Lessons are focused in providing students with the opportunity to experience success and understand what they need to do to develop their skill and overall performance levels.

The Curriculum

The curriculum offered to the students reflects the excellent sports facilities located on-site. A broad and progressive programme is followed by both boys and girls including activities such as netball, swimming, trampolining, football, hockey, rugby, volleyball, badminton, gymnastics, basketball, cricket, rounders, athletics and fitness training using cardiovascular and resistance machines in our private fitness suite. In addition current Year 11 students enjoy PE lessons on an option / choice of activity basis.

All students are also encouraged to play an active part in lessons and leadership opportunities are embedded in lessons across the curriculum.

Examination Courses

Certification courses operate across Key Stages Four and Five and students generally either achieve their predicted grades or exceed expectations. Level 3 Cambridge Technical courses are offered at Key Stage 5 and Level 2 Cambridge National in Sports Science is offered to Key Stage 4.
Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Both specialist and non-specialist teachers offer club and representative extra-curricular opportunities in a range of sports and activities. School teams play in local and county league and cup competitions, regional athletic and golf events. Our goal is to provide students with every opportunity to develop and demonstrate their talents and further their interests.

The department also runs a number of trips to various sporting events. This year these have included a ski trip to Voss, Norway. Twickenham trip to watch England v Argentina, rugby trips to Newcastle Falcons, Netball trips to watch the Super league, Basketball, Cricket and Rowing visits to name but a few.

Primary Links

Currently the department have staff that go into the 6 main feeder primaries to lead professional development opportunities. Specific areas of activity have been targeted and once the primary staff have received this training they deliver the activity to their students.   A number of Primary Festivals are then organised throughout the year for the activities.

Burnside also continues to host a number of North Tyneside Festivals such as skipping and Athletics in which examination course students coach and assist.

Extra curricular