The MFL department consists of 6 highly qualified members of staff who are able to offer both French and German to GCSE and A Level standard.

We are an enthusiastic and highly motivated team who are committed to providing an active and stimulating classroom environment. Great emphasis is placed on providing authentic target language materials and consequently we have gained impressive results at both GCSE and A Level in both languages.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 the majority of our students are given the opportunity to study at least one language with the most able studying both French and German in year 9. Students develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well as widening their cultural awareness of the European environment.

Key Stage 4

This process continues throughout Key Stage 4 where we follow the Edexcel   French and German courses. As a modern language is now a requirement for the EBac qualification, we do positively encourage our students to continue their French or German studies. For the committed linguist we do offer a dual languages course which is combined with Business Communication Studies.

Key Stage 5

At A Level we follow the AQA online Kerboodle course which is supplemented by cultural studies in the target language. This element is tailored to the interests of the individual students and could include literature, film studies or the study of a target language region.

Each year the department organises a   trip to a target language country.