The Business & Computing department are a dynamic and diverse team of specialists in their fields. The team comprises of 5 committed and dedicated members of staff, each of whom has a passion for their subject, inspiring students and raising the aspirations of all learners. Lessons are taught in teaching rooms, each being fully equipped with computers and or laptops, and interactive whiteboards.

It is our mission to develop learners who are healthy, safe, engaged and challenged. To support this we offer a broad range of courses throughout all key stages.


In year 7 and 8 students have 1 lesson a week of Computing with an overarching business theme. These lessons are project based that stimulate learning and creativity, and are focused on developing both practical knowledge in Business, ICT and Computing and personal skills such as resilience, independence and teamworking.

In year 9 students can choose between a Business, ICT or a Computing strand. In the Computing Strand students learn and use a range of computer programming languages, algorithms and computational abstractions. The units of work undertaken will develop students’ ability to use their ICT & Computing skills in a range of different contexts to solve complex problems. In the Business strand the learning focuses on developing practical knowledge of what it means to be enterprising, how enterprise works and why some organisations are successful and why others fail. In the ICT strand learners complete digital projects using a range of software.

There is an active KS3 Enterprise Club, and Coding club to actively encourage students to develop a ‘have a go attitude’ be brave and to take calculated risks.


Business qualifications

We deliver GCSE Business 9-1 (OCR) and BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise (Edexcel). All Business courses build upon the knowledge and understanding developed during KS3. Students are encouraged to develop a greater understanding of the real business world through extended reading opportunities and to keep up with current affairs by watching the news and reading news websites/newspapers.

Computing and ICT qualifications

We deliver GCSE Computing 9-1 (OCR) and BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technologies (Edexcel) which build on the skills developed at KS3. The ICT course places a strong emphasis on using computer applications to create digital media. The GCSE Computing course further develops the understanding of new software and coding languages and goes to the heart of how a computer functions from the lowest level.


At Key Stage 5, students can continue to develop their knowledge and skills by opting to complete a BTEC National Level 3 qualification in either Business or ICT and A Level Business Studies is also offered (Edexcel). Over the years A Level Business has been a very successful course with high student achievement. The course applies theory to real life business cases studies. To support all KS5 courses there are well established links with businesses including EDF energy and Accenture. We encourage all students to take place in extracurricular activities e.g. Investors Challenge and Young Entrepreneur challenges to name just two. One of the main strengths to support all the courses taught is the work experience outside of teaching the staff bring to the courses and the excellent Business links established.

The Department is headed by Mr M Phillips (Curriculum Leader), Mrs E Galbraith (Assistant Curriculum Leader), and is supported by a team of experienced staff: Mrs N Stephenson, Miss A Hunter and Mrs F Snelling.