Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mr D Jamieson
Deputy Headteacher Mr M Swain
Deputy Headteacher Ms C Jenkins
Assistant Headteacher Ms C McGovern
Assistant Headteacher Miss H Addison
Assistant Headteacher Mrs E Davis
Assistant Headteacher Mrs N Stephenson
Assistant Headteacher Mrs H Patterson
Director of Support Services Mrs D Paylor Wright
Associate Senior Leader Miss F Greenwell
Associate Senior Leader Mr N Orr

Teaching Staff


Director of English Mrs E Davis
Assistant Curriculum Leader Miss L Warren
Assistant Curriculum Leader Mrs R Youens
Teacher Miss H Addison
Teacher Mr S Richardson
Teacher Mrs A Smith
Teacher Miss H Toward
Teacher Ms E McLaren
Teacher Miss K Wilson
Teacher Mrs H Patterson
Teacher Miss A Charlton


Curriculum Leader Mrs M King
Assistant Curriculum Leader Miss A Moore
Assistant Curriculum Leader Mr D Wilson
Teacher Miss S Horst
Teacher Miss C Thompson
Teacher Ms L Tonks
Teacher Mr S Aughton
Teacher Miss E Rayment


Curriculum Leader Mrs N McCoy
Assistant Curriculum Leader Mr J Randall
Assistant Curriculum Leader Dr I White
Teacher Miss A Stapleton
Teacher Mrs K Alderson
Teacher Miss E Hanlon
Teacher Ms C Jenkins
Teacher Miss A Smith
Teacher Mr L Allen
Teacher Miss S Daniels
Teacher Mr M Swain


Curriculum Leader Mrs T Goodwin
Teacher Miss O Kenny
Teacher Miss S Monaghan
Teacher Miss A Wilson


Curriculum Leader Miss N Blain
Teacher Miss J Urwin

Business & Computing

Curriculum Leader Mr M Phillips
Assistant Curriculum Leader Mrs E Galbraith
Teacher Mrs N Stephenson
Teacher Miss A Hunter
Teacher Mrs F Snelling


Curriculum Leader Mr N Heron
Assistant Curriculum Leader Mr D Troughton
Teacher Miss L Hall
Teacher Miss C Smith
Teacher Miss C Featherstone
Teacher Miss J Goulden
Teacher Ms C McGovern
Teacher Miss L Stewart
Teacher Miss N Hall

Vocational Studies

Curriculum Leader Mrs A Thomson
Teacher Miss V Wallis


Curriculum Leader Mr M Brown
Assistant Curriculum Leader Mrs V McIntosh
Teacher Miss M Lavigne
Teacher Mrs J Somerville

Performing Arts

Curriculum Leader Miss E O’Neill (Music)
Curriculum Leader Miss C Cunningham (Drama)
Teacher Mr R Singh (Music)


Curriculum Leader Miss A Peel
Assistant Curriculum Leader Mr C Metcalfe
Teacher Miss S Johnson
Teacher Mr C Wilson
Teacher Mrs A Lumley

Cover Supervisors

Teacher Mr E Welch
Teacher Miss A Hogg

Progress Leaders

Year 7 Miss F Greenwell
Year 8 Mr J Morgan
Year 9 Miss H Collins
Year 10 Miss H Gray
Year 11 Mr C MacKay
Sixth Form Miss K Giles

Learning Support

AENCO Miss L Hall
Learning Support Mrs L Robson
Learning Support Ms A Selkirk
Learning Support Miss C Blake
Learning Support Ms E McMahon
Learning Support Mrs J Walton
Learning Support Miss S Cranney
Learning Support Miss S Green
Learning Support Mr L Fielding-Smith
Learning Support Mr A Kahuma

Behaviour Support

Inclusion Manager Miss C Hughes
Behaviour Support Mr P O’Neil

Attendance Team

KS4 Team Mrs S Alderson
KS3 Team Miss D Liddle


Student Support Manager Ms M Tatum
Safeguarding Support Mrs T Bell
Safeguarding Support Mrs R Brockman
Safeguarding Support Miss K Falconer

Administration Staff

Headteacher’s PA Mrs L Heide
Administration Manager Mrs J Graham
Reception Support Mrs H Newton
Reception Support Miss E Anderson
Reception Support Mrs V Addison
Reception Support Mrs L Barber
Finance Manager Mrs S Watson
Exams/Data Manager Miss L Craigen
Administration Assistant Mrs J Carruthers
Administration Assistant Mr B Broadley

Support Staff

Reprographics Mr L Hogg
Science Technician Mrs J Wilson
Technology Technician Mrs J Blyth
Technology Technician Mrs K Cook
Technology Technician Mr S Wylie
CEIAG Mr P Lowton
IT Manager Mr N Orr
Apprentice IT Technician Mr A Gray
Apprentice IT Technician Mr E Hume